The payment of the chosen item can be made by:

Credit card / PayPal

The website provides the highest warranty level in the field of e-commerce. Your personal details, your credit card number, the type of products ordered will be exchanged on the internet as encrypted information as data are not directly managed by but rather by PayPal.This tool allows the owner of the credit card to provide his/her personal data (name, credit card number, expiration date) directly to the bank instead of the shop or the service provider which manages it. 

With this type of payment, the client will be asked to fill the related form on a secure server (using the encrypted system with public/private key at 128 bit, totally secured for the buyer), on which he will be asked to provide sensitive data concerning the credit card. The bank is then involved in processing the data towards the international circuit: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Postepay, Discover or Carta Aura and to give the transaction outcome to the client by email. The outcome of the transaction is also sent to which will process the order.

The payment made through Paypal will occur with a redirect to the Paypal website where the procedure of money transfer can be finalized. The financial data of the client will be managed directly by Paypal and will not be shared with does not receive or keep any data concerning the credit card, therefore it is not responsible in any case for issues deriving from the transaction itself. When an item is purchased on the client is charged when the order is processed by a customer officer. ensures that no data are visible to any of its employees but that all data are safeguarded by the bank in charge of the payment.