According to D.Lgs. 206/2005 "Codice del Consumo" all the products on sale on are covered by legal guarantee for 24 months. According to the above mentioned guarantee is responsible toward the consumer (the physical person who does not act as an entrepreneur) for all the flaws which are not visible in place of purchasing. A lack of conformity exists when the product is not suitable for the use it is usually employed to. A lack of conformity which appears within 24 months from the date of purchase embodies the client the right to receive either a new item or the restoration of the initial one by sending it to It is in the rights of to choose between substitution or restoration of the item, without any additional charge of the client in both cases. The substitutions or restorations must executed within an adequate time-limit running from the request of the consumer. The average time is usually 15 days. If within the maximum time limit of 30 days were not able to return the restored product, the consumer would have the right to receive a product of at least the same value of the initial one. The choice of the product remains at discretion of the producing company. All the products damaged because of a misuse are not subject to the legal guarantees described in this section.

European Certification 

Sunglasses are a protective item for individuals, intended to safeguard the visual system of a person from the potential risks caused by intense solar radiation even if they are often used for beauty reasons. Moreover they are considered as a protective item belonging to the first category, according to D.lgs 475/1992 and its further modifications. For this reason sunglasses are regulated by the European directives 89/686/CEE, 93/68/CEE, 93/95/CEE and 96/58/CE, adopted in Italy with the above mentioned D.Lgs. 475/1992 and the D.L. 10/1997. All these regulations have been harmonized by the EN 1836:1997, adopted in Italy as UNI EN 1836:2006, and with further modifications such as the UNI EN 1836:2008. The regulation provides that the following information must be attached to every sunglasses:

Distributor and producer identification
Category of the filters employed
Number and year of the rule
Warning in form of a symbol in case  of lack of suitability for driving

The law sorts the sunglasses in 5 categories, basing on the reduction of brightness they produce. Remember that all the filters belonging to the fourth and fifth category are not suitable for driving. attaches in every delivery a package insert with all the information and regulations required to guarantee the authenticity and the quality of the products provided.