How to order

To order is easy and fast. Three simple clicks are enough:

Find the spectacles you are interested in
Add it to cart
Select your favorite payment method and process your order 

Let’s explain in detail the process for further clarifications.     

How to add products to the cart

Find the sunglasses you would like to purchase on the website, click on the button “add to cart”. At this point you can choose whether to continue shopping in order to add more items to the cart or proceed directly to the purchase.

Modify the order

It is possible to decide the quantity of the product you are willing to purchase directly from the product page, by inserting the numerical quantity you wish to buy. This quantity might be modified in every moment directly in the cart by using the dedicated slot. Once you have made the modification, you just have to click on the button “add to cart”.

If you wish to delete completely the product from the purchasing list, you just have to click the X icon you find on the right top of the product. 


To proceed with the purchase and go to the next stage, click on the button “next” in the summary page. At this point, if you have not done it before you need to log in.

You can log in by choosing between two options:

New registration
Client already registered

New Registration

By choosing this option, you will be asked to fill a client registration form in which you shall enter your personal key information (email and password). Remember to keep them to make further purchase on our website without refilling the registration form next time. 

Client already registered

If you have already purchased on, you will just need to enter the key information (email and password) used during the first registration. 


Now you can finally process your order.
Here they are the information you will be asked to provide:

Shipment information: Insert your personal data in the billing address field. If the shipment address is different from the billing address you must fill the dedicated field. At this point click on the button “next” to go to the next stage.
Courier choice: Choose your favorite courier among the available ones and click on the button “next” to go to the next and final stage.
Payment method: Choose your favorite payment method among those provided by the Paypal service and finalize the purchase.